Where to Go In Athens?

Where to go to Athens? If this is your question, then you are in luck as this ancient city has a lot to offer than you can imagine. Walk the streets to take a dip in a lake of art & culture or thrive in the nightlife the city has to offer. Go ahead and Explore!

Go to the Oldest House in the City From the Ottomon Area

The Benizelou Mansion is the main Ottoman-time habitation that gets by in Athens. Among the individuals from the refined family to whom it once had a place was Revoula Benizelou (1522-1589), who turned into a religious recluse known as Filothei and was eventually consecrated for her sacrificial charity. In that capacity, the house is additionally alluded to as the place of St Filothei the Athenian. As of late reestablished and opened as an exhibition hall, the home gives the guest a vibe for life in the city as it was before the establishment of the Greek state.

Pray at Church of Panaghia Kapnikarea

The Church of Panaghia Kapnikarea is probably the most seasoned places of worship in Athens, initially built-in 1050, devoted to the Greek Orthodox confidence. Situated on Ermou Street at the edge of the Plaka, this little church offers a relief from the bustling shopping region outside its dividers. Be that as it may, the inside is open for viewings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Fancy A Steam Bath?

Al Hammam is a little and limited (up to 8 individuals) conventional bathhouse in Plaka. Lie on the warm marble, inhale profoundly in the steam shower and spot yourself in the hands of specialists furnished with a ketse (an exceptional wipe for peeling) frothing with a regular olive oil cleanser. Get your hair washed and your body scrubbed. There are numerous administrations accessible and uncommon ideas for couples. You can consolidate various alternatives as you wish. Tea is served a while later, and you leave Al Hammam diminished and recharged, tickets price starting from €25.

Wander the streets of Plaka

The Plaka is the region of twisting lanes around the Acropolis. It’s eminent for its little shops, cafés, and nearby design. While it’s touristy, regardless you’ll discover the region beguiling for its determination of Athenian artworks, Greecian sustenance, and neighborhood craftsmanship. Stop somewhere for a frappe (frosted moment espresso), particularly throughout the late spring, and watch bystanders. It’s additionally pleasant to visit during the evening with the tavernas remaining open until late, and Cine Paris regularly demonstrates great motion pictures outside. The whitewashed homes of the nearby Anafiotika neighborhood give the territory a Greek-island feel.

How About Soaking Some Sun at Diomedes Botanical Gardens

Just 8km away from Athens, the Diomedes Botanical Garden is an 18.5-hectare desert spring. The Julia and Alexander N. Diomedes Botanical Gardens has plant species ranging above 500 in its purposefully congested part and excess of 2,500 plants from everywhere throughout the world in its developed area.

The plants are sorted out by classes, for example, decorative, restorative, fragrant and memorable, and there’s a seed bank also. Go for a relaxed walk under sprouting pergolas or attempt an official visit to get its the more significant part. Bring a sandwich – outdoor tables flourish.

Explore the Nightlife

This vibrant part of the city is unbelievably nocturnal. With shops open till 10 p.m. and the clubs, taverns, and pubs free till early dawn across the city, the Athens nightlife is a scene to reckon with. Plaka is more sought after for shopping, dinners or early drinks if you want while Psiri is more famous for parties that extend into the wee hours where you can sway to the numbers of international D.J.s and the bars that are thriving well until dawn. Strap on those heels and shake a leg!

Movies at Dusk

While many of us have heard of the film under the moonlight, how many have you experienced movie at dusk? Watching movies with the backdrop of a setting sun has a charm of its own. This enchanting theatre is tucked behind the Acropolis at Cine Thiso, which was first started om 1935. While you can munch on some popcorn of fizzy drinks, give the traditional Greek delicacies a try like fiery tsipouro, homemade spoon sweets, and many more.

How About An Evening Swim?

Dissimilar to numerous city lodging pools, in the open-air pool of the Athens Hilton, you can swim. A full 25mx15m x4m sized, the pool is likewise open to non-visitors and offers space to the individuals who are perturbed by the city warmth (even though at the relatively stable cost of on weekdays and ends of the week). This season, each Thursday and Friday, it’ll be open around evening time as well (21:00-01:00), with D.J.s turning cool tunes and mixed drinks conveyed to your ‘moon bed’ – just for a reasonable €10 extra charge.

Take a Dip in History

The Benaki Museum is a three-story art and history historical center committed to Greek culture all through the ages. Established by workmanship authority Antonis Benakis in 1930, the historical center follows Greek history from ancient occasions to the present. Displays in the historical center incorporate Neolithic jars, Archaic earthenware production, Classical figure, Byzantine and Ottoman ancient rarities, and an assortment of works of art, records, and weapons from the Greek War of Independence from 1821 to 1829.

Stay Awed

Although very little of this structure stays standing, the 15 enduring sections of the Temple of Olympian Zeus have parchments and acanthus designs that harken back to the sanctuary’s unique criticalness. Development on the shelter began in the sixth century B.C. be that as it may, wasn’t finished until the second century A.D. under the standard of Emperor Hadrian. Be that as it may, it fell not precisely a century later in 267 when the Herulian attack sacked the city and the stone from a large number of the 104 unique segments was quarried to reconstruct different structures around Athens.