What Should You Expect From the Best Felony Defense Lawyer?

Felony is defined as a criminal offense that leads to the imprisonment of one year or even longer. Felonies are crimes involving violence and are considered dangerous or harmful to society. Felony crimes include some of the most heinous crimes a person commits like arson and first-degree murder.

Crimes not amounting to a felony are usually classified as citations or misdemeanors.

Role of A Felony Defense Lawyer

As no two felony cases are similar to each other, defense lawyers are equipped to select the parts of a case that makes it unique.

Using their knowledge and proficiency, they find subtle reasons and evidence to win the case.

Moreover, an experienced felony defense lawyer in Oregon may be able to detect certain factors and arguments mitigating or negating a potential crime. In worst cases, even if evidence goes against you and you are held guilty, they may help you to find a way to reduce fines as well as jail time.

Responsibilities’ of a Felony Defense Lawyer

Their work involves:

  • Maintaining communication with clients through phone calls, email, video calls, and in-person meetings
  • Reading documents, statutes, and evidence related to the case
  • Taking notes
  • Preparing a strategy for the case

These activities are the building blocks of a case that makes it stronger.

Felony lawyers spend months preparing for a case. Preparation may even take much longer than being present in the courtroom in person. When the case moves to the court, the lawyer ensures it moves quickly.

Cases Handled

Once they are ready with research and a defense strategy, a felony defense lawyer has several roles. In the court, they call witnesses in defense. They handle cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses.

  • Plea Bargains: A felony defense lawyer works with the client and prosecutor to negotiate the plea bargain. It can reduce the potential sentence and may even eliminate certain charges.
  • Sentencing: An attorney can find out the right sentencing program for a particular case. If found guilty, the felony defense lawyer can try to change the sentence. A sentence may be changed in such a way so that it prevents you from the criminal justice system.
  • Case Results: It may be difficult to reason, but an experienced lawyer has the skills and training to provide a reality check. Defense lawyers are well aware of the condition of the case during the trial. They may predict the case result too. They have the advantage of being objective throughout the proceedings and providing real insights into the trial. These reality checks and assessments are quintessential when a criminal defendant decided whether he should accept the prosecutor’s plea bargain or not.
  • Rules: There are plenty of books on felony defense. However, it may years to study and grasp this aspect of law. A lawyer can point out the most important rules and regulations that you may not be able to decipher. Many of these rules are buried within certain laws and regulations, and before court decisions.
  • State-specific Systems: Legal systems of states differ from one another. It may be difficult to navigate a case through the state’s legal system. There are some written rules, and there are some local court rules, to be obeyed and adhered to. Some states have certain unwritten rules along with jurisdictions.

These are just some of the many roles that defense lawyers play. They are responsible for handling witnesses, investigators, and experts. They are your only way through the judicial system to a better life.