Unveiling Black and Decker Electric Leaf Blower

Are you a professional gardener looking for ways to keep your yard clean and neat? Well, Black and Decker LB700 blower is one of the best solutions. With Black and Decker blower, clear dry leaves and debris in no time. What you will appreciate about this blower is that it has a built-in lock and this is why you can enjoy one-handed task for hours together. The benefit of the built-in lock is that it can keep the extension of the cord secure. Plus, you can look forward to many astounding highlights with this blower and you can accomplish your planting objectives.

An overview of Black and Decker leaf blower

The Black and Decker blower has a 7-amp motor engine that supplies the highest air velocity. The benefit of the fast air speed is – it cleans everything in front of you fast and efficient. Black and Decker blower has airspeed of about 180 MPH. The blower has a nozzle that can expel an air volume of about 180 CFM. The best part is that Black and Decker is a corded blower and has a 7 amp engine. However, what you need to keep in mind is that you must have steady power source if you plan to make use of this blower.


You need to plug-in this blower when using it. Now, what frustrates most users is that if the cord gets plugged out, then it can adversely affect the operation of the blower. The blower has a cord-lock mechanism and this is why you can enjoy a single-handed task for hours together. Black and Decker blower is lightweight and weighs about 4.4 pounds only. You will notice the fact that blower is comfortable to hold and the design of the handle is also quite impressive.

Using a leaf blower effectively

When you want to remove the leaves, then make sure that you wear proper equipment. The reason is that you can end up damaging the flowers or weak plants with a fast stream of air. If you have to use the leaf blower in a flower bed, then the best approach will be to select the lowest settings. Just in case, you can use a leaf blower on a small area to test it.