Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms In 2019

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the activity of trading goods and services online, supported by electronic transactions over the internet. This transformation has revolutionized the shopping experience for millions across the world, enabling access to multiple options and advanced shopping trends at your fingertips. To support and carry out any e-commerce activity, robust, all-inclusive eCommerce platforms with a smart, easy-to-use interface are paramount.

The following are the basic features of any e-commerce platform:

  • They run on a single, integrated platform and significantly save time and money.
  • Enable a 360-degree view for customers.
  • Centralized order management and inventory management
  • Provide an innovative and customized user experience every time.
  • Enable seamless expansion across multiple channels, countries, languages, and business models on a single platform.

Here are the top five eCommerce platforms of 2019.


Shopify offers a 14-day free trial for you to experience the revolutionary eCommerce platform firsthand

Shopify is among the world’s leading eCommerce platforms to set up its own online shopping portal. As a retail business owner, you can take advantage of Shopify’s all-inclusive features and extensive solutions to shape your business accordingly. The unique, dynamic Point of Sales(POS) keeps your business synced and enables exceptional retail experiences like:

  • Accept several payment methods and custom payment options.
  •  It provides options to split payment types in a single transaction and offers store credits.
  • The dynamic checkout feature lets you offer discounts, promo codes, and other shipping options to customers. You can also accept payments using a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Have complete control over the store management activities, whether it’s refunds, order history, cash integration, etc. 
  • Synchronize online and retail customers and keep them in the loop with email marketing options.
  • Automates product organization and inventory management.

Building your online storefront with is as easy as drag-and-drop

Stuck with confusion, stress, and expensive methods while building your online retail store? is the pioneer among several eCommerce platforms, packing the most powerful features and revolutionary tools. It gives you endless freedom to build your online retail business. This cloud-based, professional website builder integrates several factors to sell your products online and is quite inexpensive. Some of the features and tools of include:

  • A pool of exclusive, designer-made templates available across a variety of categories that look great on desktop and mobile.
  • Comprehensive features to develop your websites, like a custom domain name with a professional mailbox and free hosting services.
  • Create a stunning storefront with organized pages and manage orders and inventory from anywhere using Wix Stores.
  • Create multiple payment gateways and offer coupons and discounts with seamless checkout options.
  • Design your online storefront the way you want using the innovative Wix Editor. The drag-and-drop website builder is packed with SEO features, an app market, unlimited fonts with options to upload your own, and many more features. 

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is the go-to eCommerce platform for artists and small brands to set up their online store

Big Cartel is a leading favorite among creative merchants and independent business owners to establish their storefront. It offers limited but creative features and tools. This platform is among the select few eCommerce platforms to establish attractive custom shops at affordable prices. The features and benefits of Big Cartel are:

  • The platform is conceptualized and driven by a professional team that helps creative individuals to find their feet in the online world.
  • The DIY platform integrates state-of-the-art tools and the coolest features, like bulk editing, free customizable themes, theme code editing, and inventory tracking to provide a seamless experience.
  • Update products, run promotions, offer discounts and track inventory from any device with real-time stats.
  • Fully-customizable themes to create the look and feel of your distinct business.
  • Use these codes to create a unique design.


Squarespace enables small business owners to establish storefronts that speak for themselves

This platform helps you create expressive online stores. It’s simple and gives flexibility to seamlessly convert your portfolio into a fully-functioning business. Squarespace is best for creative merchants with a smaller product catalog. The website builder ranks among the few eCommerce platforms that offer the most distinct features with updates. These include:

  • An all-in-one platform with easy-to-customize templates.
  • Efficient merchandising options to organize and manage your inventory.
  • A drag-and-drop sorting tool to categorize products effortlessly.
  • Showcase and sell services with online bookings and calendars.
  • Easily build a mailing list to reach out to the masses.
  • Develop powerful email marketing content with Squarespace Email Campaigns.
  • Increase web traffic and track your site performance with built-in SEO tools, social media tools, banners, and promotions.
  • Monitor your store’s performance from anywhere with the Analytics app.


Get an advanced eCommerce experience with the 15-day free trial at 3dcart

Touted as one of the best eCommerce platforms, 3dcart integrates several powerful tools, including free business tools, to convert your website into a lucrative online store. 3dcart is also known for its SEO tools that help you rank your website higher and increase sales. The benefits and features of this platform include:

  • Revolutionary SEO and e-commerce marketing tools.
  • Social media tools that let you connect your online store with Facebook, Amazon, eBay. and other online media channels to expand traffic and increase sales.
  • The online store builder with a complete set of inventory management tools that help you design a robust, expressive storefront.
  • Enables complete control with its product management software.
  • Integration with advanced POS software lets you sell from anywhere and through any device. 
  • Features over 200 payment gateways.
  • Expand your online store and manage high-volume sales with the 3dcart Enterprise e-commerce platform.
  • Built-in product management software
  • Organize your products with complete information and unlimited categorization.
  • Multiple product images and video options with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Advanced reporting and real-time tax and shipping calculation.