Tips to Prove You are Not at Fault in The Car Crash

Being injured in a car crash can be stressful as well as a frightening experience. Especially when a few pieces of evidence are left, it could be complicated to determine the party at fault. Above this, it is important to understand the way to prove that you are not at fault for the crash. You need to be prepared with sufficient documentation to fight legal battles and file insurance claims. Here are a few ways by which you can prove that you were not at-fault in the car collision.

  • Call Police

When a crash occurs, call 911 as quickly as possible. The police would prepare a detailed report of the crash. They might outline conclusions detailing which party is at fault, in case there were violations of traffic law by any party involved in the crash. Ensure you get a copy of this report as this would act as evidence for the insurance or legal proceedings.

  • Look for Traffic Violations

In case the other driver has violated one, two, or more traffic laws, it would be easier to prove that the crash occurred due to their negligence. If you are able to prove that another driver ran a stop sign or red light, or disobeyed speed limits, you would be able to prove their negligence.

  • Witness Testimony

At the time of the crash, there would be people who would stop to ensure the well-being of everyone. Those people could turn to be witnesses as they saw the crash and tell how the collision occurred. Ensure you take the contact information of those people as well as recorded statements on everything that they saw. This would act as evidence of how the crash occurred.

  • Collect Evidence

In order to prove the at-fault party in the car crash, you would need to provide pictures of the scene as evidence. Generally, the crash scenes are cleaned fast and leave little documented proof. Therefore, it is advised to take photos of the car damage, weather conditions, and debris on the road.

These pictures would help in proving whether anything on the road or the poor visibility caused by weather conditions contributed to the crash. In case you get injured and are unable to take pictures, ask a bystander to take some photos of accident scenes and your injury. Investing in a dashcam is also a great idea as it can record the crash and act as significant evidence.

  • Stay Quiet

After being involved in a car crash, it is advised not to speak much until you have a word with an experienced personal injury attorney. It applies to the situation when the insurance company of the other driver tries to interact with you. The reason is that the insurance company of the other party would try to get some information that can be used against you.

Therefore, ensure you do not give any statement without having a word with an attorney. Many people think that they can handle disputes on their own. However, the legal processes are confusing as well as complex, you would need an expert to handle it. An experienced car accident lawyer Conyers, GA can help prove your innocence as well as the best legal advice for the recovery of damages.