Tips to Look Great On a Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket is best known for keeping you warm and stylish. When you have this jacket you do not need much layering for the warmth they give. These jackets are a trend every winter in different designs, colors, shapes, cuts, and sizes. Although it is all fashionable and elegant you need to know how best you can style it to look great on you. As the winter season approaches this jacket is seen styled by almost every person. It has made its mark in the fashion industry and it is getting better with more designs to it. As much as it is believed the puffier the puffer jackets the better. You should know how to style with some of the tips listed below.

Choose the right one for your body type

Careful you do not look like Michelin man with your first try wearing a puffer jacket. The puff shapes depending on your size can give you a wardrobe malfunction. As the way, you would dress to your classic fall coat in consideration of your body type. It is the same while you shop for a puffer jacket. Since you know your body type choose one that enhances your burst area for pear and rectangular body shape. For the curvy women choose a longer puffer jacket to balance out the jacket to your body type. By dressing according to your body type you are sure that you will not pick the wrong one. Plus, what you choose will look great on you.

Blend out the look

This is an important tip while adorning a puffer jacket. As you have realized the puffer jacket adds volume to your upper torso. Hence it is important to blend out your look to find a balanced look that looks great. The best way to achieve this is by pairing your puffer jacket with skinny jeans, tights, a fitting dress with heels or boots. These outfits will make your lower torso slimmer and you have a good blend and balanced look. Alternatively, you can blend out with other textures, for instance, wearing leather pants, a hoodie made of faux fur among others. This will shift the attention away from the jacket.

The color

The color of any outfit you wear brings out your personality, fashion sense and at times the mood you are in. So is with wearing a puffer jacket. To look great in this jacket it is based on many factors. Such as you need to attract the right attention, you are going for a minimalist look or you want a color that looks well balanced with the clothes in your wardrobe. Navy, brown or black color are classic and match with everything. Other colors like purple are too fashion-forward but yellow, blue and white are best if you aim to look bright.

Avoid layering

During winter months it is normal for most people to layer their outfits for extra warmth. Although, this is discouraged when you choose to step out in a puffer jacket. Since once you add an extra layer like a knit cardigan and a puffer jacket on top you look bulkier. Therefore, you can still layer your puffer jacket but with style by choosing wisely. For instance, a light cardigan, a pull-neck they are not chunky and with the puffer jacket, they are warm enough. Alternatively, you can just step out with the puffer jacket with a simple top for you still stay warm. This tip to look great also applies to winter coats and other types of jackets to avoid messing up your look.

The sheen factor

You can avoid sheen or make it your style statement. Just as discussed above there are many colors and shapes and the choices may overwhelm you. For the first-timers, it is best to avoid sheen at all costs for it shifts the attention to your puffer jacket and not your entire look. But you can go for monochrome, dark tones to play it safe and add an elegant jacket to your collection. The sheen finish, especially on bright colors, looks like a wax effect on them. This is for the bold and daring fashionista. And those who are wearing it to shift attention to their look. If you have to invest in a sheen finish go for a neutral color. Optionally, choose a matte finish looks great and it is easy to pair it up. On the other hand, if you want to add some pop to your outfit. Accessories like scarfs and hats are some that can upgrade a dull puffer jacket compared to a sheen finish.

Avoid small and filled puffs

When it comes to a puffer jacket, its warmth is a win. However, when choosing the one to buy to look great in. Go for the one with larger puffs. For they still work the same and offer similar coziness as the small and filled puffs one. Choose large rectangular patches with a high tech compressed filling for they are not exactly the most slimming garb in our wardrobe. The square puffs are also beautiful on many body types and a crisscross quilt type is tailored to prevent any extra bulk a good choice for those with a larger torso. Additionally, there is a lot to consider while choosing a puffer jacket.

Finally, with the above tips, you can easily rock a puffer jacket this winter and not be left out as others are slaying theirs. Pull off this look and get advice from the fashion experts on how to go about it. You can style in various ways and look all trendy and chic. Invest in the super trendy puffer jacket. And as outerwear, this puffy piece will keep you warm, snuggly but you have to make it look classic and sexy in how you style it. It best brings out a sporty and feminine blend to the wearer. Simply treat it like you would a winter coat and master the challenge of looking pretty while it’s cold outside.