The Do’s and Don’ts of Essential Oils


Essential oils are specific compounds that are extracted from plants. As the name suggests, the essential oils are named so because they extract and store the flavor, or “essence” of the plants. They are distilled filtered through some processes in order to gather the main essence that can prove to be useful.

It is very important for people to find out how the process behind the oil. This is because some essential oils have been taken through some chemical processes. These are not essential oils, rather they are a mixture of some. Check out In Essence to get all the latest information on essential oils. v

Don’t rub the oil everywhere

Often people seem to consider the essential oil to be completely pure. While this is true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just rub the oil over your body. Rubbing the oil over the hands and legs may be safe but putting inside your face, or mouth might prove to be harmful. Hence, it is important to go over the specifications of each oil before applying it.

Do check the quality

Quality is important! Since the essential oil is to be applied to the skin, it is necessary to check out the quality before buying. The main component of essential oil is that it is completely pure with no additions whatsoever. There might be a chance that you buy an oil that has some kind of allergic substance that might not suit you. Hence, one should always look forward to using a trusted brand whenever shopping for essential oils. They will give the best results and ensure that your money is well spent.

Do a test on your skin first

The best way to check out for any essential oil is to use a small portion of your body first. Since one does not have an idea of how the oil may turn out, it is best to use it in a small portion before buying it. This way you can check if it is irritating or causing any allergic reaction whatsoever.

Don’t keep oil for long periods

Essential oils, like all-natural elements, have a certain life. It is very important for the users to try and use the oil for the designated timeframe before it expires out. The bare minimum timeframe for most oils varies around 2 to 3 years (there are some exceptions). The main reason why it is advised to throw away the old bottles of oil is that they are exposed to air (oxygen). This changes the texture of the oil or at times includes certain smells which indicate it is spoiled.

Do consult your doctor first

While we have established the fact that edible oils are pure elements that are not harmful to the skin. It is important that one should consult their personal physician before using; because, let’s face it, who knows you better than them? This way the doctor can analyze all the possible side effects that you might encounter due to the application of essential oil. They can then guide you on the essential oil that will suit you the best.