The Best Alternatives for Professional Movers


The process of moving comes with a boatload of various tasks including which realtor to hire, which house to buy, and which furniture to move. These are all hard enough decisions to make and then if we add in the choice over whether to move yourself or hire movers, the process will become all the more complicated. It is no lie that so many people feel totally overwhelmed before they even start packing their boxes and though of hiring a mover provides so much of relaxation. But sadly, this peace of mind is a luxury and usually costlier than other ways to move.

The decision of hiring movers or opting for a DIY move depends upon many factors. The decision depends largely on your budget, then proximity to the new home, complexity of the move and lastly your own personality. Many people are simply unable physically to carry a couch and mattress down a flight of stairs to the moving vehicle. Then you cannot really depend upon friends as most friends aren’t exactly comfortable in heavy lifting. These kinds of situations lead us to hire professional movers.But then there are also plenty of people out there who have successfully completed DIY moves and saved a lot of money. If you are looking for alternatives to professional movers because you can’t find a quote that is in your price range, you can check out the following options:

Rent a Moving Truck & Drive Yourself:

A moving process consists of many tasks including sorting and packing of belongings, arranging a moving company, making a budget template, arranging packing materials, and travelling on the moving day. Moving can be further broken down into two parts that is,labour and transportation. Consider renting a truck and moving on your own if you really want to save big on your move. You can simply pay flat fee plus the cost of gas as it will cost you a lot less than hiring a full service moving company.

Once you decide and hire a truck for the moving day, your transportation part is covered. You may take help of your close friends and family to help you pack, load and unload all your belongings into the truck. Packing and loading stuff is not an easy part of any move but it is possible to handle this on your own in a fun way if done in company of your friends. You can save a big amount by hiring a truck and taking care of the labour involved in loading.

Portable Moving Containers

Another good alternative to professional moving company is opting for portable moving containers as it is one of the most popular alternatives to hiring movers. Moving containers are also known as moving pods and storage containers. Moving containers come in a variety of sizes and generally are steel-framed and weather-proof boxes that can be left outdoors for long periods of time during the moving process. It is safe to use moving containers as they come with a lock and key for added security. Some moving container companies offer wood framed containers with weatherproof coating. Moving containers are available in various sizes and smallest size of most companies, generally holds up to a room and a half of furniture. On the other hand, larger moving containers can hold around three to four bedrooms worth of furniture. Once you decide the number of containers required then the company will drop off the required amount of storage containers to your home. You will have to pack all your belongings and load into the containers. There are no time constraints as the company drop the containers at your place a few days prior to your moving day. On the moving day when it is all loaded, the company people will come, pick up your containers and drive them to your new home. You will unload the containers yourself and company people return on the decided time to pick up the empty containers in a couple of days. Moving containers is a cost effective and popular way of moving.

U-Ship Specialty Moving Service

U-Ship specialty moving services are a clever new age way of moving anything and everything u have. Though it is not the cheapest way to move your whole household but it can be proved your best option especially if a few possessions are holding you back from a cheaper move. While handling a DIY moving and transporting stuff in your vehicle but you are not sure how to move your pets and your 2nd vehicle. For these extra items, you can find people or truckers with extra space and the ability to move whatever you need for a price.

This service is perfect for moving awkward, heavy possessions and/or animals.

You can use this service to move anything from large furniture, pool tables, pianos, vehicles, and pets. The only drawback with this service is that it can may take longer  to find a suitable match for your needs as the longer you have to check around, then the better your outcome will be.

Cost calculation is the key when you have to identify the best moving option. A moving cost calculator can best help you identify an affordable option, while you evaluate the options in other terms. Find out the best moving option and make your big house move, successful and easy.