Stay Fit While Visiting Bali

Going on vacation does not always mean coming back with weight to shed. You can have all the holiday fun and stay fit at the same time. It is not even about going to the gym every morning at the break of dawn.

Many people who have been to Bali have heard about the dreaded Bali belly. All that good wining and dining and lazing on the beach catching some rays can get the pounds piling on. However, you can choose some activities that will make active.

Afterward, you can find some of the best spa in Bali for a nice, soothing rubdown. The island has lots of spas that offer exceptional services. Resorts such as Ayana Resort and Spa have in-house spas that their patrons can access anytime.

Get Active in Bali!

Here are a few activities that will ensure you enjoy the island and also stay fit.

Beach Bike Riding

Cycling through the streets of Bali is the best way to experience the spectacular views. You can cycle leisurely through rural Balinese settlements and take in the beautiful countryside. Ride along Sanur Beach and enjoy the breeze on your face on a sunny afternoon.

There are roadside stalls known as Warung, where you can rent a bike for the duration. Go on a family ride from Sanur on to Sindhu beach to Mertasari and back. That ought to give you some much-needed exercise while enjoying the view of the beautiful beaches.

Indulge in Some Watersports

There are as many watersports as you can dream of in Bali. From swimming in the ocean to seeking out world-class dive sites, you will not run short of aqua activities. You can access aquatic playgrounds all over the island and tread water to your pleasure.

Some of the aqua activities you can indulge in include the following:

  • Jet skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Banana boating
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Paddle boarding
  • Jet Packing

You can also go swimming with the manta rays and enjoy watching the marine life while snorkeling. You have not been to Bali if you have not indulged in some of the watersports listed above.

Get Your Heart Pounding in Ubud

There is more to Ubud than excellent dining and jungle adventures. Thrill-seekers will find Ubud the perfect location for extreme activities such as:

  • Jumping off waterfalls
  • White-water rafting River Ayung
  • Quad biking in the forests
  • Mountain biking down a mountain

These activities ought to give not only your heart a good workout but your body as well.

Hiking to Mt. Batur

Mount Batur offers excellent hiking opportunities. Moreover, not only will you enjoy the hike, but you will also watch the legendary Mount Batur sunrise. This beautiful sight emerges from the top of an active volcano.

Once you get to the top, delicious banana sandwiches are waiting for you. The hike is not very demanding. You do not even have to wear proper hiking boots. The only challenge may be the time. The trek kicks off at 3:00 am.

Also, remember that you are hiking to the top of an active volcano. The thought of that alone should have your heart rate going off the charts!

Dancing with the Locals

The Ecstatic Dance comes with no rules. You are allowed to let go and pull whichever dancing styles you fancy. The Balinese love to keep fit and have fun while at it. This is one way you cam n burn some calories while having the time of your life.

Grab the chance to try your version of the Savage Challenge. Throw your hands in the air and make like a tree in the wind. Anything goes here.


You can have a whale of a time without adding an ounce of weight. Bali offers a lot of activities that can keep you active even as you vacation. Grab the chance to go for morning jogs along the beaches or swim with the mantas. You will not have to worry about the Bali belly when it is time to go back home.