Reasons To Make Your Quad Bike Road Legal

If you are thinking about taking up quad riding as a hobby, there is much to consider, including whether or not to buy a road-legal machine or one that can only be ridden on private land. You might be thinking that you won’t need to ride your quad on the roads, but things can change. If there comes a time when you discover a great quad riding venue near your home, you won’t be able to ride there, unless you have a road legal quad bike. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a road legal quad bike.

  • Road Legal Quads are Not Restricted in Any Way – You might want to ride your quad to the local shops when your car is in for a service, and let’s not forget when the snow arrives, which is a great time to use your quad to make local journeys. You might need to use your quad in an emergency, and with a road-legal machine, you are not restricted in any way. There is also some further information online on how to make a quad road legal in the United Kingdom, which might help.
  • Local Quad Riding Venues Become More Accessible – Wherever you happen to live in the UK, there will be venues where you can ride your quad, and if you have a road legal bike, getting there is easy. Being able to jump on your quad and head off to a local venue is invaluable, and you won’t need to hook up your trailer, just put on your helmet and off you go!
  • Be Sure That your Quad is Safe – If your quad is road legal, then it must be safe to ride, and by approaching quad bike dealers UK buyers trust such as Quadbikes R Us. They have a wide range of new and used quads that are road legal. If your quad is older than 3 years, it must be put through an annual MOT test, and this is designed to ensure that the machine is roadworthy, and safety is a major part of that.
  • Explore the Local Area – Rather than having to use your car to explore local venues that you can use when quad riding, you can use the quad if it is road legal. There could be some nice areas that you don’t know about. With a road legal quad, you can jump on your machine at any time and go anywhere.

If you are new to quad riding, you are advised to look for a bike that is suitable for your size and your riding ability, and with an online search, you can easily make contact with an established quad dealer that has a wide range of new and used road-legal bikes for sale, you can buy a quad that is suitable. If you have a full current driving licence then you can ride your quad bike on public roads, and with tax and insurance, you are free to ride anywhere you choose.