Michigan’s Best Dispensaries – 2019 Review

Michigan voters first agreed to a medicinal marijuana ballot proposal in 2008. What a great November that was. 

Since 2014, Detroit’s number of dispensaries, which are now legally known as “provisioning centers” has dropped from 250 to 60. It can be hard to keep track of which ones are operating or aren’t. Some close temporarily; others permanently. Here’s a list of our favorite places in the city that we can depend on – for now – for our nug necessities. Fast forward to 2019, we highlighted the following select dispensaries:

House of Zen

Far East Side

Female-owned with a super welcoming environment

Located on a silent stretch of Mack Ave, just south of Chandler Park, House of Zen is known for making its guests feel super comfortable. Owned by two sisters, House of Zen prides itself on being a black-owned-and-operated business that specializes in premium strains. There’s no mystery as to what you’re getting here: Each strain is clearly labeled with its myriad health benefits, and the staff is ready to take their time and give you a clear and thoughtful recommendation.

Green River Meds

West Side

Knowledgeable staff that offers exchanges

Along Grand River Avenue just west of Telegraph Road, you’ll find a massive selection of flower, oils and edibles. The oils can be pricey, but they do the trick. And if you have an issue, they’ll do exchanges, no questions asked. There’s no doubt the strains here work as promised. Surrounded by a quiet residential area, it’s the perfect spot for a quick pickup.

Green Genie

Far West Side

Fully stocked store right on the edge of the burbs

There’s no missing Green Genie as you drive along a nearly vacant stretch of West McNichols. The giant, inflatable T-Rex that greets you at the parking lot is just a glimpse to the diversion that awaits you inside. Green Genie fanatics say that while the location is a bit out-of-the-way compared to others, its huge selection and wide variety have made it worth the trip and kept them as regular customers. With edibles and drinkables galore (including Kush Colas), this genie has the power to grant more than three of your weed wishes.

Chronic Releaf

8 Mile and Lahser

Where the pros go to work, and to shop

Surrounded by pawn shops and beauty supply stores (ya know, 8 Mile stuff), this is the go-to place for Michigan-made munchies. This is medicine, y’all, and the staff knows its business. With easy access for city residents and suburbanites, the clientele is diverse and everybody’s in a good mood. How could you not be?

Area 51

8 Mile and Southfield Freeway

Where you get to legally go to the outer limits

Area 51 is a good example of the shady politics surrounding Detroit’s medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Just last year, cops raided the place and handcuffed staff and clients alike, under the precept that it was operating illegally.

It wasn’t.

Now, Area 51 is clear for business and its die-hard clients couldn’t be happier. Touted as having the best prices around, the staff is chill and ready to answer any questions you may have. You get the idea that they really want you to walk away feeling like you got the best deal possible. Honest and effective: that’s how Area 51 operates.

House of Dank

8 Mile between Ryan and Dequindre

Because who doesn’t love a pre-rolled blunt so fat and fuzzy they call it a “tarantula”

The shop’s name might border on absurd, but it certainly doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. HOD is probably Detroit’s premiere bud shop at the moment, and with good reason. Largely staffed by women who know their shit, it’s the kind of place you can and should feel comfortable taking recommendations. Most jars are labeled with THC content and there’s even an app (hello 2018!) that alerts users to sale items. And there are many, many sales. You can place an order for pickup which is helpful for those with mobility issues, and because the place (partly due to its convenient location, but mostly due to its impeccable quality) can get heavily packed. Also with help of veriheal you can get one from their dispensaries.

Flavors Detroit

Northeast side

Huge selection and range of prices to satisfy the whole family

While it hasn’t been around as long as some of the others, Flavors has won over the hearts of eastsiders with a solid online ordering system. They’re new, but Flavors has all the makings of a classic Detroit bud shop. With lots of edibles, concentrates, CBD treats and lotions, it’s also an easy-in / easy-out location. Plus, it’s the perfect place to go if you’re into buying flowers with Star Wars names.

King Seaweed

Northeast Side

Gated parking and a mascot that makes you want to drink the Kool-aid

King Seaweed hasn’t been around for too long either but attracts with a pro website where all its prices and most of its (damn good) products are listed. The vibe is a bit more like a liquor store than some of the other dispensaries, but the budtenders take their business seriously. Shout out to the super helpful dude who wears scrubs and knows the ins and outs of the latest vape technologies.

Motor City Kush

8 Mile and John R

Convenient shopping and friendly budtenders

Recently opened, Motor City Kush is already getting rave reviews for its wax and fancy, well-priced vaporizers. The large parking lot has trusted security and finding a space isn’t a problem. A major benefit to MCK aside from its location is the pre-weighed bags for those who are shopping on the go. The budtenders here are super friendly and helpful. You get the vibe that they sample quite a bit of the product themselves, so their opinions seem trustworthy. There’s no pressure to buy here either, which is refreshing and creates a relaxing environment.