Making the Most Your Living Room

If you have recently moved into a new house or are just trying to do something new with your old space, knowing where to begin and how to produce the effects that you really want can be a bit tricky.

In order to shed light on the problem at hand, we have compiled the following 6 tips that will help you assemble the perfect living room, whether you are just beginning with a new location or touching up your current space.

Commit To A Style

Most of us will automatically be drawn to a specific style. This could be retro or contemporary, traditionally opulent or minimalist and is used as the central theme for the room’s décor. As time goes on, there may be some interesting items, artifacts and additions made. If these are not kept in line with the original plan the entire look can become confused and cluttered.  Beginning with a clearly defined style, color scheme and décor plan will make your final look a little more consistent.

Some Tricks for The Eye

If you are working with a confined space –– maybe a little on the cramped side. There are somethings that you can do to trick the eyes into perceiving the place as larger. This can be done by adding vertically striped wallpapers and long floor to ceiling curtains. Taller lamps also do this well. Mirrors are the perfect thing for visually increasing the dimensions of space with the way they carry the eyes and light in new directions. Resin floors of lighter color are a great way to add size to the room as they can absorb and scatter light naturally.

Be Consistent With Colors

Just like sticking to a style that runs seamlessly through all the elements of the room, having a specific color palette will improve the aesthetics as well. There are louder brighter colors that make a cozy feeling and also softer lighter colors that can add a spacious feel, but the important point is to not allow the two styles to intermingle. This doesn’t mean that you can’t add accent point with bright colors on your generally lighter-colored design, but they must come from the same palette. Otherwise, the colors can get confusing and don’t show any cohesion.

Be Practical

In all your styling and decorating, don’t be led far from the functionality of your living room. For example, if your coffee table is not within arm’s reach of the sofa, you, or your guests, will have to stand up and walk to the table to set their drinks down. This means the coffee table gets low marks in functionality.

Create A Focal Point

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, you already have a focal point to emphasize. Ethanol fireplaces are a lovely addition to any living room. Otherwise, you will have to create one. This can be done by using your favorite piece of art or a large beautiful window as the focal point. For windows, adding a valance –– the covering for the upper part of the window –– as this will add an eye-catching element that makes your windows the central figure in the room.

Think Twice About Your Seating

It is common for people to stuff their living room with seating options in expectation of large functions and family get together, but what about the other 350 days of the year? Realistically, you don’t need that many seating accommodations in the average bedroom. Maybe all you need is the two-seater instead of the three-seater, and a single chair rather than an additional two-seater.

Finally, create a homey cozy look by pulling your furniture away from the walls.