Looking For A Luxury Beach Escape? What About Dubai’s Modern Marvel Or A Beautiful Egyptian Oasis

]We all love to explore the beautiful wonders of Mother Nature and there are hundreds of thousands of places around the world that give us the opportunity to do so. However, if you start looking, two names that would stand out among luxury beach destinations are going to be Dubai and Sharm El Sheikh. So, if you are planning a beach vacation, let’s check out what you can expect at these beautiful destinations.


If there is one marvel of great human engineering in the world, it’s Dubai. It really is a modern style display that reflects forward-thinking better than any other such real-life example. When you look at the city’s sky-scrapers which are an amazing amalgamation of glass and steel, you can easily forget that this city has been built out of barren land in the Arabian Desert. Some mindful development and un-shattered ambition have to lead to some of the tallest buildings in the world to be built here while this beautiful city also hosts the largest man-made island of the world as well. The city really is developed for thrill lovers.

Travelers often prefer visiting Dubai due to the foreseeable climate this city has to offer. You can expect a maximum temperature of 24C here in January while it goes as high as 42C in July. As for yearly rainfall figures, it amounts only to 13 centimeters every year.

With a significant increase in Dubai’s population over the years, the city has hosted ex-patriots from more than 200 countries and this makes for a perfect experience with people from different ethnic backgrounds living here. The government of this Emirate has its focus more on tourism as it’s developing the best luxury hotels as well as some amazing tourist attractions that will surpass the expectations of the visitors.

Furthermore, if you want to experience Dubai’s lifestyle in true sense, you must go for something along its beautiful coastline. The tourists can go swimming through the crystal clear waters, indulge in some exciting water-sports opportunities, or just get a relaxing sub bath along the shores of Dubai’s popular beaches. You can even experience a relaxing stay at one of the luxury hotels that would satisfy even the most discerning tourists with some amazing amenities on offer.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-sheik is known to be an Egyptian Oasis which offers a perfect alternative to elegant and modern façade of Dubai while giving you a quiet hideaway with some laid back rustic beauty. It’s been a well-kept secret of Egyptians that has developed into an amazing seaside resort over the years. Since the 1960s, there has been a huge influx of tourists to this city which has seen many adjustments from its western influence. However, today it has turned into a truly Eastern escapade for tourists.

The city offers a laidback living experience which certainly makes for a quiet and relaxing resort. It offers some amazing diving opportunities to those willing to explore the colors of life under the sea. The beach resort is full of striking reefs and some scintillating marine life. Even though it’s primarily a beautiful coastline destination, the city is home to quite a few national parks as well that shield so many different wild animals and amazing excursion tours. You can expect a wonderful trip should decide to visit this Egyptian destination.

So, if you have to choose between the two, the visitors to Dubai can experience cuisine that fits every single palette, stunning beaches, fantastic weather, exceptional transport, and some luxury resorts. On the other hand, Sharm el-sheik attracts people more due to its quieter experience and rustic appeal. Overall, both these destinations offer various amazing attractions to suit every taste and need and neither of them will disappoint you. You’re sure to have fun on whichever destination you choose for your next trip.