Interior Design Tips that can Improve Productivity  

Your workspace does more for your productivity than you might think! Where and how you work are incredibly important to your overall performance, as this impacts your mood, energy levels and stimulation – which are all integral to a happy and productive employee. Whether you’re looking at sprucing up your office space or you’re setting up a working from home operation, here are a few tips to follow to make your working day better…

Light up your room

For a healthy life, you need to keep it bright. A dark interior encourages the brain to slow down and eventually switch off as if you were going to sleep – not what you want at your desk! The best kind of light you can have in your workplace is natural light, this is the healthiest and helps to boost your mood. If you have access to windows, be sure to set up your desk in the sunniest spot in the room. Sadly, not all of us have exposure to natural light in our offices, so you might need to introduce a few bright, white toned lightbulbs into the mix. The closer you can get to natural light, the better.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Colour gets the creative juices flowing, so don’t get bogged down in the monotone corporate colour palette! Create some excitement in your space by adding a few decorative, colourful vases, artworks and even stationary! You can grab folders, pens and notebooks in different colours to kickstart your good vibes every morning.

Bring the outdoors in

Plants are very important for us humans; they are our natural environment after all! Introduce some healthy, clean air into your workspace by incorporating a few plants into the mix. This can be as big or small as you like! A few succulents will bring the green without a lot of maintenance, whilst a large standing plant in the corner will make you feel surrounded by nature!

Stimulate your senses

Scent is important to your subconscious mind, even if it doesn’t feel like an essential to your work life! A diffuser or natural candle will bring a calming and comforting atmosphere to your desk, as long as you aren’t bothering your office mates! Choose an invigorating smell with lime, coconut or mint in there to keep the mental clock ticking!

Keep it organised

A cluttered space helps absolutely no one at their job! Make sure your desk is neat and organised by securing yourself a filing cabinet, bookshelf or a desk that has a handy amount of storage built-in. This will stop you from losing files, getting distracted by random objects or just feeling overwhelmed by the chaos.

Remember to stay comfortable

Ergonomic elements are essential to a productive day at work – just ask anyone who’s had to spend the day in an uncomfortable chair! Find a chair with adjustable height, back support and armrests to ensure a comfortable and functional day at the office!

Furnish in style

This step kind of relies on you having a home office, or a very personalised workplace! When shopping for office furniture, you should keep in mind your company and your personal style! If you’re working with a super modern, tech-focused brand, try and opt for sleek desks with cool colour palettes. Maybe you’re more of the creative, avant-garde type? Go for mismatched colours, warm woods, comfortable fabric chairs and intricate embellishments! Styling according to your taste, lifestyle and work will make you feel happy and at home at your desk.

These tips are sure to up your mood and your productivity, wherever you might work!