How to Get the Whole Family Camping Ready

Taking the whole family camping can become very stressful, pretty quickly. It’s only natural that a group of kids that are cramped in a car, and then let loose out into nature, get restless and a little wild. However, don’t stress, there are ways to avoid potential dramas when you’re on the road and in the grounds. If you’re planning on packing the kids into the car and heading outdoors, follow these top tips for getting the whole group camping ready:


First things first, packing. This is a crucial step and it can really help when you’re bringing your little ones along. You can get the gang involved in folding, prepping and general helping to aid your packing process. This is a great way to introduce the value and importance of preparedness to them at a young age.

Put together a colourful packing checklist to amp up the organisation in your household. This is awesome if you go out camping often, you can pop yours on a whiteboard or chalkboard and keep it up there for the next trip! Ask the kids to keep checking what is and isn’t ticked off to encourage responsibility!


Prepping the family for adventure means that you need to secure yourself the right tools, to make your life easier. There are a few investment pieces that you can indulge in that will make your whole family happy for a long time to come. This includes a camper trailer, a portable hammock and technical clothing that protects you no matter what weather comes your way. A camper is the ultimate piece to invest in, it will give you a heap of storage, comfort and protection. Your gear will give you the freedom to have the best trip possible and venture exactly where you want to go.


Planning activities will keep frustration and boredom at bay in quieter moments. You can be as simple, extravagant or creative with this as you like, it’s a great opportunity to blow off some steam for adults and kids alike. Explore your options for camping activities that will work for the whole family, consider games like capture the flag, hide and seek, and even more chilled out activities like crafting. Fun games and activities will encourage kids to be proactive, make new friends, and burn off the excess energy they always seem to be carrying around.


This one is important, whether you’re travelling with kids or not. Your food is going to need to be perfectly organised and scheduled to make sure you and the family are sufficiently fed throughout the duration of your trip. Hop online to explore some culinary ideas that don’t necessarily need cooking, this is going to help you big time. You should consider pre-cooking a couple of meals to have in your arsenal, ready-made meals save you time and energy on those evenings when you can’t quite face tackling the stove or barbecue. Always remember to bring along dried snacks and cereal for when your kids are feeling peckish.

Camping is the perfect family activity, whether you’re headed away for the weekend or for a long stint, preparing is only going to make your time easier, and more fun! Teach your unit how to revel in the outdoor elements to start them on an active, healthy track that will last them their whole lives.