How Creatively Can You Use Dried Flowers? Here Are 15 Possibilities

Did you know that you can give your home a makeover using dried flowers? That’s just one of the many ways you can use dried, essentially dead, flowers.

So, if you have been saving dried rose buds in bulk, it’s time to bring them out turn them into pretty objects. The following ideas should get you started on a creative road to recycle and reuse wilted flowers.

Put them in a vase

It is wrong to think that just because the bouquet of roses has wilted, it has lost its beauty. Instead of throwing the dried buds, keep them in the vase and place it on the living room or dining table. It will add sort of an old-world romance and charm, and become a centerpiece.

Display them on the wall

Hang your fresh flowers on a rustic-looking board and let them air dry. Make small bunches of different colored and textured flowers to add vibrancy to your walls. You can also hang them by your windowsill.

Hang them from the ceiling

Follow the same process of air drying the fresh flowers, but this time, do it by hanging them from the ceiling. You can tie the flowers using strings and leave them up there. It can add a bit of drama and fantasy to your ceilings.

Press flowers, glue them and put them on display

Awaken the artist in you by pressing dried flower petals in bulk in your old book or by keeping the flowers under something heavy, glue them on a paper and frame it. Framed pressed botanicals can appear as maximalist or minimalist as you want. Also, they are very easy to put together and doesn’t cost much to get it framed.


You can make aromatic potpourri using dried flowers. The petals can be dried in the oven or in the sunlight, along with citrus fruits and a few herbs. Get your choice of essential oil and spray it on them. Once everything has dried, get an ornamental bowl or a pretty basket and put the mixture in it. This can be a way to make your home smell nice.

To this recipe, you can add any number of fragrant things of your choice.

Make your own fragrant room spray

For this room spray, you need distilled water, essential oils, some dried flowers and alcohol. Mix them all up in a cute looking bottle and leave it on display. Use it whenever your home needs a little freshening up. Or you can gift it to your friend who appreciates DIY gifts.

Turn them into a wreath

You can easily recycle dead flowers and create a beautiful wreath or two. Just get a base from your local store and add your creativity. You can hang them on your door, windows or it can even be a fantastic piece of wall art. For this organic decoration, you can add twigs, ribbon and other such natural pieces.

Wreaths can be a wonderful addition to your home décor, especially during the holiday season. It is a beautiful way to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Make scented cleaners

You might not be aware, but dried flowers blend beautifully minty and citrusy scents. Take a cup of dried flowers whose scent you enjoy and mix it with a tablespoon of salt and a cup of baking soda. You can even add a few drops of essential oils or some crushed citrus fruits. You have your very own scented cleaner and don’t have to put up with store-bought ones.

Dress up candles

Beautify your candles by making use of dried flowers. You can use rode buds or even dried wildflowers in bulk. You can take decorative glasses, put dried flowers as a base or on the sides of the glasses and then, pour melted candle wax. Let it dry. Once the wax dries, the dried flowers will be embedded in them. With pressed blooms, this technique works particularly well.

Make a good bath salt mix

You can make a floral body scrub using dried petals, sea salt, Epsom salts, baking salt and your choice of essential oils. Mix them up and enjoy a warm, luxurious bath for a good night’s sleep. The presence of the Epsom salts has a calming effect that helps to improve sleep by reducing stress.

Luxurious lip balms

Imagine having a homemade, DIY lip balm that will keep your lips hydrated and soft. You can make a lip balm yourself using petroleum jelly, baking extract or essence and dried flowers, particularly rose petals. This can add a touch of femininity and beauty. You can easily get more easy recipes to make lip balms on the Internet.

Make eco-friendly, colorful confetti

So, you need confetti for an upcoming party? You can recycle dried flower petals. Simply shred them up, mix different types of flower petals and you are set. You will have the prettiest confetti, which is also eco-friendly.

Get your very own sage stick

You can bundle up myriad flowers for making your very own sage stick. You can even add eucalyptus in order to get a spa-like fragrance.

Add small dried flowers to gift wrapping

Everyone looks for that unique touch, especially when it comes to gifting. You can make someone’s day with a small gesture like, adding small dried flowers to gift wrapping. Do away with the fancy bows and ribbons. Get plain-looking wrapping paper and spruce it up by adding dried flowers in vibrant colors.

Phone case

Love flowers and want to keep them close? The best way to do so is by having your very own floral phone case! For this, you just have a get a clear phone case and place dried flowers on the case. Once the flowers are in position, just snap your phone into the case and voila!

So, without further ado, add wilted flowers to the list of things that you didn’t know you could upscale.