Four Key Ingredients To A Relaxing Weekend Away

It’s billed as a “relaxing weekend away” but for many of us, getting away for a short break tends to be anything but. A whole host of life’s concerns enter the picture, and by the time you arrive back on home soil, you’re still in desperate need of another so-called relaxing getaway.

This is the reason we have penned today’s post. Sure, we can’t physically relax you, but at the same time, there are some key pointers that can help you get the most of your short break away and ultimately help you recharge your batteries.

Ingredient #1 – Go to a relaxing place

It sounds ridiculously simple, but this is one of the key mistakes that a lot of people make as they bid to venture away on a relaxing break. Unfortunately, not all places are equal in this regard. This isn’t the time to hit the popular tourist destinations, as this tends to bring the flurry of stress that we are all trying to get rid of.

Instead, slower-paced places should be on the menu, with a spa trip being the prime example. Particularly if you can choose a location where there are other activities to do, this is something that can help you relax much more than any standard city break.

Ingredient #2 – Don’t follow the crowds

This next point follows on from the previous one where we talked about tourist attractions. Once you arrive at your destination of choice, make sure that you’re not following the crowds. Like it or not, crowds bring stress and again, this is the thing you are looking to avoid on your getaway.

Instead, try and find activities that aren’t overly busy. If it’s something that’s going to result in you queuing for hours on end, or getting stuck in a block of tourists, it’s not going to benefit your stress levels in the slightest.

Ingredient #3 – Scrap the itinerary

Some of us rely on an itinerary through our travels and even piece it together before we arrive at our destination. Granted, this is how you might operate, and there’s nothing wrong with having a rough idea of what you are going to do over the next few days. The problems start to arise when you pack too much into these travel plans though. Suddenly, you are left trying to frantically tick off items from your list, and you forget the real reason you’ve opted for this getaway (i.e., to relax).

As such, try and be more flexible with your arrangements – you don’t have to follow a strict plan when you are trying to do your body a favour.

Ingredient #4 – Turn off your phone

Finally, try and forget the phone. Sure, you might need it in case of emergencies, but at least put it on silent and resist the urge to keep checking Instagram or your social network of choice.

More and more people feel the need to be permanently connected, but in the interests of a relaxing break, this isn’t going to help you in the slightest.