Everything You Should Know About Spanish Women

The character of Spanish women is very much legendary. The brightness, emotionality, and passion of Spanish women, combined with a stunning appearance, act magically on members of the opposite sex, especially on men of the Nordic type. For them, all of the factors listed are exotic. Let’s figure out some other things that make Spanish women special.

Let’s start with their looks, as this is the first thing you will notice in dating a Spanish girl. Of course, not all women resemble Carmen – some women are not that really attractive at all. However, due to the natural liveliness, women of this nation are incredibly charming. Besides, they love to take care of themselves, and they are great at it, which is manifested in the application of spectacular make-up, the ability to create an image for themselves, as well as the selection of accessories and clothes. Spaniards will never say that visiting beauty salons is a waste of time. And such an approach brings amazing results.

As for the character, the stormy showdown, heated debate, and no less heated reconciliation are a norm. We can say that such a temperament is genetically embedded in them. With such women, it’s not easy, but they know how to plunge into the soul of a person, inspire their partner; just think of how many images of Spanish women are captured in works of literature, music, and fine art!

How are such ladies perceived in society today? Fortunately or not, Spain has been hit by a wave of feminism quite a bit thanks to the influence of European countries and the United States. Women realized that it was vital for them to realize themselves, to climb up the career ladder along with men. And, I must say, this desire is often rewarded – the Spanish’s stubbornness is not to be held captive, nor is it that strong. And many men are interested in such independent women. The state also does not interfere at all with such trends; on the contrary, even the Ministry of Equality has been created, the goal of which is to ensure that the rights of both sexes are respected equally.

But, of course, the new wave of feminism has its downside – the demographic situation suffers, as the ladies give the lion’s share of their energy to building a career. And for the Spaniards, who have always been considered excellent housewives, this is still a little unusual, and children in Spain are simply adored. However, the desire to give birth to a child at the age of forty is quite common since the average life expectancy in this country is quite high – about 80-85 years.

However, despite the fashion trends in terms of feminism, Spanish women still know how to keep a stable environment at home. They make caring wives and mothers; moreover, in this country, there is a real cult of children. They adore children; they do everything for their sake. The Spaniards have rather large families which consist of representatives of different generations living under the same roof. And women always occupy a central place in them. They love to cook. But is that all really surprising? Spain has great cuisine after all. Spanish housewives turn out to be excellent cooks; however, they are also great when it comes to looking out for themselves.

So what can be said about leisure? In the interval between household chores, such as cooking and watching after children and husband, it is quite possible that you will find a Spanish woman just drinking coffee. They like to meet with their friends and relatives in some establishments and just hang out there. This way of life has been preserved

for years – you can often meet old women who sit in cafes and chat with friends over a cup of coffee. However, even as old women, Spanish women continue to carefully monitor their appearance.

Anyone in Spain rarely wants to start a family early – girls love dancing until the morning, and they love being entertained. In addition, not every man can cope with the rebellious character of a Spanish woman – they don’t seem to mind making new acquaintances but at the same time hold a mark of impregnability. And such women adore flirting, which means that a man will have to feel like a conquistador, conquering new lands.