Essay Tools for the Great Writing Review 

Writing an essay can be challenging for a beginner. The struggle with organization, outline, and editing may be a challenge for any student. However, the tools below will enable you to write great essays:


There is a set standard for any academic paper when it comes to structuring. It can be difficult to stick to the given guidelines, but with these tools, you will be able to have an easier time:


It fosters excellent essay writing while utilizing your library. The software allows you to search for anything as you write.


You can easily upload all your documents on this software, and it will organize them. It will also give you the sources and highlight the quotations you might want to use.


It organizes all your research papers in one place. You can easily use the library from your phone or computer. The software has multitudes of researchers from every field.


Research can take up a lot of time for a student. It can be quite overwhelming for anyone. These tools will simplify your data search:

Google Scholar

This is ranked as the best database for research. It has numerous information sources to ease your work. 


All you have to do is key in the keyword of your work, and you will get facts around it instantly.

Data Elixir

You can easily subscribe to receive updates and newsletters to topics you like. It has a lot of sections from linguistics technology, psychology, and sociology. 

Literacy Tool

You can easily sort the information you find online in the list format. The software is straightforward to use and displays all scientific sources of information that you are looking for.


There are tools in place to help you plan the structure of your work. 

Ashford University’s Thesis Generator

The software prompts you with a series of questions then comes up with varied structure options.

Essay Map

The software will divide your information into eight parts. It then allows you to print your work as a PDF.


The software is excellent if you want to type without editing. It allows you to do your work uninterruptedly until you finish.


Improving the structure of your sentence, spellings and punctuation can be quite daunting. These tools will highlight the common mistakes students make while writing:


The software is effective for improving sentence structure, rephrasing, and correcting the style of the sentences. It will also check on plagiarism, punctuation, and spellings

Ginger Grammar Checker

It is a software for changing sentences. It checks for typos and mistakes made by writers.

Paper Rater

This is a top-notch software that grades your paper once you input. It checks for grammar, style, structure, word choice, and punctuation.


If you submit a paper that is not original, you might easily get expelled. You should always opt for unique work. These tools are efficient:


There are webpages embedded that will scan your work. Its big database makes it very efficient in perfuming this task.


This software boasts of an extensive database making it efficient to scan your work and detect plagiarism. It also allows you to store files.


The software correlates your document and the internet pages, scanning the work. 


Editing and proofreading can be overwhelming and time-consuming. These apps or essay edit service will help you with the process:

Hemingway App

This software will check on the readability of your work, selecting lengthy statements, complicated words, and unnecessary adverbs.

The software will generate a report of how easy it is to read your document. 

After the Deadline

This software is reputable for showing writers how to change their sentences. You do not have to struggle anymore with how to change a sentence.

Paraphrasing Tool

You can easily avoid plagiarism by using this tool. You can easily input test and prompt them to paraphrase the wordings.


This is a very time-consuming section of the paper. Different institutions require different citation styles. These apps will help you with this section:


The software structures your citations. From it, you can control and manage your sources.


It has a lot of features on the software. It is excellent in changing the reference style.


Here you can easily change the bibliography to one of the four citations. You can add annotations to your citations as well. 

These tools are efficient and effective in their diverse functions. Now you can easily write the best essay which encompasses clear structure, perfect wording, and great flow.