Effective Ways to Prevent a Swimming Pool Accident for Kids & Adults

Swimming is one of the most practiced activity in summer. As the mercury rises, the pools, rivers, and beaches are filled with people, excited to enjoy the water and the sun. So, the pools become one of the main visiting points for adults and children alike. However, this fun activity can have very serious repercussions for not respecting the basic rules of water safety, and sometimes, it can even put your life and of your loved ones at a high risk. At swimming pools, risks of accidents in children are higher if the appropriate measures are not taken.

Enjoying a day at a swimming pool for a refreshing swim on the hottest days of summer should never be spoiled by a fatal accident. However, we can deny the fact that pools are virtually dangerous places. The lack of responsibility and even the careless use of glass objects and the surroundings of the pool can be dangers for swimmers and lifeguards too. Swimming injuries like slips, burns, wounds, and bruises often occur in swimming pools, whereas the risk of unintentional drowning to death also looms around. Preventing such accidents could be simple with a series of safety rules around pools.

In Orange County, the summers are short, warm, and dry and lasts for about three months, i.e., July, August and September. The mercury stays between 65°F and 85°F. So, the best months to enjoy swimming pools in Orange County are from late May to early October. Since people rush to pools during there months in Orange County, everybody should pay rigorous attention to the implementation of the safety rules. By the way, safety rules are equally important for residential pools and public pools. In case of suffering from an injury at a pool, after immediate first aid response, do engage an expert Orange County personal injury attorney to be compensated for incurred losses.

Ways to Prevent a Swimming Pool Accident for Children

To make a responsible and pleasant use of pools, it is essential to know the effective ways to prevent a swimming pool accident. The main measures to be taken to avoid accidents involving children in swimming pools are as follows:

Keep an Eye on the Children

Even though your children know how to swim, always have them in sight, especially when they are is near and in the pool. Also, never allow a child under the age of 5 to remain alone in the water, and prevent them from using trampolines or other inappropriate pool facilities like slides that are meant for adults.

Water Depth

The depth should be checked by an elder before allowing the children to jump into the water. The elder should inspect the area and also ensure that the child does not fall on top of others. Moreover, children should not be thrown in the pool that could compromise their physical integrity or that of others.

Floating Devices

For children who cannot swim or are learning, floating devices like floats, muffs, bubbles, etc. are recommended. In all these cases, an elder must stay with the child, following their movements in the water. The floats should not be above the child’s waist, since, in this case they could swallow water.

Specific Pools

Children under the age of six should not be in large pools. For them, there are splash pools. The best thing is that you can get them customized to suit your children.

Footwear & Accessories

Remove children’s shoes and other accessories to prevent falls, cuts, and bruises.

Ways to Prevent a Swimming Pool Accident for Adults As an adult, pay attention to the following preventive measures.

  • Before and after the bath you must take a shower.
  • Do not overestimate your swimming skills.
  • Avoid diving head first if you don’t know the place and depth well.
  • Avoid bathing in too cold water.
  • Locate and memorize the location of the lifeguards and always follow their instructions.
  • Never introduce glass objects like bottles and glasses into the pool.
  • Avoid violent games both in the water and in the vicinity.
  • Avoid practice that could endanger or disturb other swimmers.
  • Maintain a preventive attitude. When you are in doubt, swim near the edge of the pool or elements like stairs.
  • Please, avoid bathing if you have an infectious disease.

Steps to Take If a Swimming Pool Accident Occurs

Following precautions and safety rules is the best solutions, but accidents do happen sometimes. Therefore, it is also necessary to be aware of the steps you should take immediately if an accident occurs.

Firstly, a nearby lifeguard must be notified because he/she is the best person who knows how to respond to such cases.

If an injury occurs after a dive or in the middle of the pool, swimmers in the vicinity of the victim should do the following:

  • Take the injured person out of the water immediately since he/she is at risk of drowning. Try not to move the head or neck of the victim while taking him/her out.
  • Once out of the water, check if the person is breathing and the pulse is running.
  • If necessary, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Next, transfer the injured person to a hospital, preferably by ambulance. While transfer, again, the neck and spine must be immobilized with a cervical collar, preferably those with a chin support.

Afterward the Accident

Farsightedness and responsibility are the keys to minimizing the risk factors of a swimming pool. Remember that you can get compensation for full damages with the help of a professional Orange County personal injury attorney. Thus, it is advisable that you maintain a list of contacts of the best personal injury attorney in Orange County for immediate contact should the need ever arise.