Challenges Women Face While Looking For A PG In Delhi And Noida

With Universities in Delhi and Noida being the hotbed for students across the country and loads of startups rising in the capital city, Delhi NCR finds itself as the epicenter of migration by students and young professionals. This has subsequently nudged the rise of PG accommodation. However, there are a few factors that potential residents, especially women, need to keep in mind while looking for Paying Guest Accommodation in Noida and Delhi.

Safety and Security: This is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about female occupancy in PGs. Safety and security of the women residents should be dependent on both external and internal factors. Before selecting a PG, check out the area and location – whether it is near the marketplace and the bustling streets or it lies in a dark corner at the end of the road. When it comes to safety on the inside, you can talk to people around, getting the inside scoop of how things run here. Managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living would be your go-to as every aspect is professionally managed and with their multi-tiered security system comprising CCTV cameras, guards etc you can be surely safe inside and outside their premises.

Background Check: Being a woman tenant requires one to be aware of the PG owner, the roommates, and the authorities residing there. However, this is easier said than done and many weeks are passed being constantly on the edge and suspicious of anyone who comes in the vicinity. This is exhausting and, in many cases, unsafe as there is always a what if situation going on all the time. A little bit of researching from the people around, checking out reviews about the place can help gain some percentage of clarity and confidence before moving in

Separate Rules: Keeping safety in mind, many PGs have curfews for the ladies, not extending beyond 10 PM. Now this poses as a hindrance for many working women who sometimes end up working late and leaving their office premises at odd hours. Not to mention, traffic often delays timelines and as a result, the women residents often reach their PG post curfew hours that creates a lot of unnecessary stress between them and the landlords. It is important to check all such regulations in advance and work out a solution with your landlord on this front.

Health Issues: So, this issue is not exactly gender specific, but it is nevertheless one of the top challenges that women residents face. Many PGs are not equipped with the right medical aid which may prove to be a difficult situation for women living there. There have also been instances of health issues due to unhygienic living conditions, poor food quality etc which are some of the top complaints that tenants may have

Deep Rooted Bias: So many PGs have some ‘quirky’ regulations when it comes to their lady occupants. For example, being a single woman raises a lot of eyebrows and you are bombarded with certain invasive questions about your age, food habits, background, caste and some even question your lifestyle choices. If you wear ripped jeans or have your hair coloured, chances are that you might be judged with scrutiny before being given a room at the accommodation. These are what we call as deep-rooted bias that make living very difficult.

Looking for a PG in any city is physically and sometimes, emotionally taxing. However, with the right research and questions, finding right the PG will not be as hard as it seems. In fact, some of the Girls PGs in Delhi offer its women residents the freedom and security that is mandatory for a peaceful and happy stay. You can also balance safety and quality living in co-living spaces like Stanza Living where shared accommodation is not a nightmare but indicative of a great lifestyle.