Breathing New Life into the Old: 7 Signs It’s Time to Redecorate Your Home

Furniture and decor are typically designed to last a long time, which is good because furnishing and decorating your home can get expensive quickly. However, these items aren’t meant to last forever. Even disregarding the current age of the furniture and decor in your home, there comes a time where it’s a good idea that you replace these items with something new and fresh.

But deciding whether or not to redecorate the inside of your home isn’t as easy as it might seem. Many hesitate to switch old items out of their homes, even when they think it might be the right time. Did they get their money’s worth out of their current decor? Can their coach last another decade before being replaced? Are the light fixtures really outdated?

If you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to redecorate your home, these seven signs will help make that decision clearer to you.

1. Your space no longer makes you feel cozy.

Not feeling cozy in your own home? Maybe you need new candles, throw pillows and blankets, a rug, or more comfortable furniture. Warm hues and soft textures can also do the trick.

2. Things seemed cluttered and mismatched.

It’s rare that a homeowner decorates in one session and never adds any other pieces to their space with time. While it’s always nice to add a few new things, what isn’t ideal is if you’ve added so many items over the years to the point where things look cluttered and mismatched. Several items of different eras and color schemes are signs you might need to redecorate.

3. You no longer feel like your interior design is “your style.”

Is your home’s interior design considered modern, but your new favorite interior design style is farmhouse? Get rid of the old, and bring in the new! It’s normal to gravitate towards a new style.

4. Your current furniture is worn.

Torn fabric, structural damage, weak joints, and creaking noises coming from chairs and couches are some obvious signs that you may need new furniture. While old furniture can usually be restored with a little work, sometimes it’s best to let some pieces go and trade them for something more modern.

5. The colors featured in your interior design haven’t been trendy in several years.

Trendy colors come and go. While there’s no harm in featuring the colors you like, is there a particular color in your space that screams, “So last decade?” Get a new color scheme!

6. Your home contains nothing similar to the current furniture and home decor stores are carrying.

If you find yourself eyeing modern, trendy pieces in-store, but it looks absolutely nothing like what you currently have in your home, sorry, your interior design might just be outdated. It’s a dire time for redecoration.

7. You don’t feel happy with the inside of your home.

They say happiness comes from within, but your environment can also have an impact on your emotions. If your home’s interior makes you feel “blah,” redecorating the place may be able to help reignite that spark you’ve lost.


It’s not always clear whether or not the interior of your home could benefit from a little facelift. Keeping the previous list in mind, however, you can have an easier time deciding if redecorating your interior design is a must in order to bring life, happiness, and coziness back into your space. After all, we all deserve the best home environment possible!