Best Time to Explore France

France is globally known for its high glamour quotient and sophistication. From its extravagant palaces to amazing designer stores that stand in the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, it is like living your own Hollywood film.

While you have a lot to see in France and you can do that all through the year, you should consider the French season while planning your itinerary. If you are visiting France on a budget, you should first prevent those costly summer months, if you are planning to spend your holidays at some of the largest festivals of the nation. The costlier price is worth an innumerable number of events.

Here is a guide to help you travel at the best time:

January to March

These are the winter months, really cold and unpleasant. The countryside shops and restaurants are closed, so it may be a really bad time for those planning a road trip to the Provence.

But, if you are brave enough to fight the cold, then winter is a remarkable option for a rendezvous in Paris. You will find lesser crowds at the best attractions of the country such as Louvre and Eiffel Tower.  Also, you would get to see the two major yearly events of the nation: Paris Fashion Week and Nice Carnival.

You can also avail whopping discounts at the best department stores, making it a great time to visit France. If you are a fashion lover, then you will love this deal.  

For those who are tight on their budget, they can find cheaper flights to France and slashed hotel rates during this off-season. However, make sure you pack your biggest jackets and overcoats and indulge in some good coffee to keep the chilly winters at bay.

April to May

If you don’t like the cold weather and wish to avoid the crowd, just plan your France trip in these months. The spring weather is a good season to visit France. The temperature gradually commences to warm up and the hibernating countryside starts to come back to life.

The markets of Saint Smilion and Gordes open up and you can experience that just before the summer tourists come up. However, the prices of the flight and hotel may begin to rise, but you may still find some good deals for you.

Spring is the best time for those who want to enjoy wine tasting in the countryside. If you are a movie lover, then you can enjoy the Cannes Film Festival.

June to August

This is the peak season here. You will see hundreds of travellers from Europe and other parts of the globe coming for their summer holidays. The weather is beautiful and you have longer days to spend on the beaches of Nice or to relax down in the lawns of Eiffel Tower. However, there will be an immense crowd outside the major sightseeing locations like Louvre or Palace of Versailles.

Make sure you have bought your flight tickets and accommodation in advance. You should buy the passes for some of the attractions of Paris, if you wish to avoid the long hours of standing.

The summer season will also allow you to catch several international acts being performed around here. You can also enjoy the music fests such as la Route du Rock, Fest Beauregard, Calvi on the Rocks.

July is likely to be the perfect time for those who want to visit the Lavender fields of Provence and you can also participate in some significant events such as Tour de France and Bastille Day.

September to December

During these months, the summer crowds start to disappear. The prices of airlines and hotels start to fall making it a good time of the year for France visits. 

The first Saturday of October is the Nuit Blanche Festival. It is an art fest where galleries and museums open their doors after hours and there is a party on the street.

In the month of December, tourists can attend the famous Christmas Markets of France. Though the prices start to rise again because of the holidays, if you make your bookings in advance, you can enjoy amazing deals and have some extra bucks to spend on your Christmas treats.

Winter is at its peak in December in Paris, so wouldn’t it be magical to witness the dust of snow around the city. But, if you want to escape the cold winter temperatures, then move to the south of France.

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