Being Productive or How Not to Squander Your Free Time

Here you are again. You’ve finished your chores and you’ve done a hard day’s work. Now’s the time for you to relax. Are you going to watch a few episodes of your favorite TV show or play your favorite game? Either way, you’ll end up in the same situation again – squandering your free time. Productivity is something everyone struggles within their free time. Sure you need a breather but don’t turn it into wasted time. If you’re looking to be more productive here are some things you can do:

Playing Games Like Call of Duty, CS: GO, Online Roulette, Magic the Gathering, and Others Can Be Productive

It’s no secret that the younger Indian generation likes to enjoy games. You might be one of them. As mentioned before, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite game but it’s better to make that time productive. How can you make gaming productive?

Thanks to platforms like Twitch and YouTube you can upload videos of your gaming sessions online. Twitch lets you stream live and also enables your users to donate if they want to. The more viewers you have on YouTube the bigger your revenue from gaming videos will be. But what games to play?

The choice is yours. For example, if you’re into casino games you can stream them online. But because of India’s laws, you might ask yourself if casino sites are legal. When it comes to casino sites they’re legal if they come from off-shore companies. So if you prefer to play roulette and you’re wondering “Is online roulette legal in India? ”, then the answer is yes. This goes for poker, blackjack, baccarat, and all the other games you can think of.

So you can choose casino games as games you can focus on. On the other hand, you can focus on online games like Fortnite, PUBG, CS: GO, and so on. Additionally, you can focus on the walkthroughs of single-player games. Another reason to start your channel is that India’s gaming industry is rising and you can be among the first gamers to take part in this gaming revolution.

You Can Reap Lots of Benefits From Reading

Productivity and making money are similar but they aren’t the same. You can be productive in many other ways. Reading is one of them and sadly, it is underestimated. All the successful people do it and they’re on top for a reason. For example, Warren Buffet reads at least 500 pages daily. Moreover, reading books on specific topics will make you more knowledgeable.

If you’re interested in investing, then you should read investing books. If you’re interested in psychology then read psychology books. There are books out there and they cover various topics. Even sticking to novels will help you by improving your vocabulary regardless if you’re reading them in your in Indian, English, French, or any other language. Consider reading as a productive way to spend your free time.

Keeping in Shape Is Important

Just like reading, exercise is underestimated. It’s important to keep in shape because it impacts your health significantly. You don’t need to do something extraordinary to do so. All you need to do is simple exercises. Things like taking a walk, jogging, or doing some push-ups in the morning can bring you benefits.

Once you’ve got the simple things down then you can try more complicated things like calisthenics, Crossfit, and other stuff. What’s important is to keep your fitness goal on track. You can find some great fitness tips online and by following them you’ll be in better shape than you were before. Improving your health by exercising comes naturally.

Get Creative

Everyone has a bit of creativity in them and it’s good to let it out in your free time. Writing is beneficial to the mind and helps you express yourself clearly. Additionally, you can try your luck in online short prose or poetry competitions.

Furthermore, there are lots of companies looking for talented artists so if you’re good at drawing then you can score a part-time job with them. Even if you don’t benefit financially from it a creative hobby is good to have.