Addiction is More Common Than You Think: Do You Recognize These 7 Addictive Behaviors?

When a person thinks of addiction, drugs and alcohol often come to mind. However, a person may become addicted to anything. When something becomes the focus of an individual’s life to the exclusion of everything else, this is addictive behaviour, regardless of what the person is focused on. What are seven addictive behaviours every person should be aware of and watch for in themselves and their loved ones?

Mood Swings

When a person’s mood abruptly changes, it tends to be very noticeable. This may only happen once or twice and be the result of something going on in the individual’s life that others are not aware of yet. However, it could be a sign the person is suffering from an addiction. If the family suspects this is the case, it may be time for the person suffering from the mood swings to become an outpatient in Seattle to be treated for their addiction.

Secretive Behavior

Any time a person’s behaviour changes and they suddenly start sneaking around or hiding things from loved ones, there is cause for concern. Addicts will deny they have a problem and lie or deflect to prevent others from learning about their addiction. They often become defensive when questioned about this behaviour as well. Any sudden change in behaviour should be investigated to determine the underlying cause, whether it be addiction or another problem completely.

A Lack of Interest

People of all ages have things they love to do. When a person suddenly stops taking part in preferred activities, those around this individual need to find out why they have stopped participating. While it may not be the person who is suffering from an addiction, something is definitely going on. In the case of addiction, treatment should be sought immediately so the problem does not become worse.

Drug Paraphernalia

This is an obvious sign the individual is using and might be addicted to a substance. Even if the person has yet to reach this stage, drug paraphernalia should never be ignored. In fact, any drug use needs to be addressed promptly. Sadly, a person might not realize there is an issue though. Many people abuse prescription drugs, so items that may seem commonplace could be a symptom of a deeper problem as well.

Legal Problems

Imagine getting a phone call late at night to say a loved one is in jail. They might try to downplay the situation. Don’t let them do so. Learn what led to the arrest and if drugs are involved seek help immediately for this individual.

Not Meeting Obligations

A person suffering from addiction might suddenly start missing a lot of school or work. Non-custodial parents may not pick their children up as scheduled, and bills might not be paid. If a person begins missing obligations, they may be addicted to something. It’s time to find out what is going on so the problem can be addressed.

Changes in Personal Appearance

Changes in personal appearance are commonly seen in addicts. They may gain or lose weight, forget to shower, have dental issues, and more. Question any major change in a loved one’s appearance to learn if addiction is the underlying cause. Doing so can help to catch the problem as soon as possible to allow treatment to be sought.

These are only some of the many changes a person might see in a loved one suffering from addiction. Pay attention to those around you. If you notice a marked difference in them in any way, it’s time to learn what is going on. This is truly the only way you will obtain peace of mind and help the person who is struggling with life.