Academic Writing Guide, How to Deliver Excellent Papers!

As a college or university student, you will have to write different academic papers. This type of academic writing differs significantly from the common writing you use every day. You should have good writing skills by the time you start your undergraduate studies. Hence, you must remember all you learned in your English courses in high school. In case you have forgotten the key points of English writing, some universities offer an introductory English course. This course usually takes place during the first term. In any case, you can read this academic writing guide as a reference when you start to write your college assignments.

Essay Writing Help in Short

First of all, let us take a look at the different types of papers that a student has to write. Take into account that each type of paper requires a specific writing style. So, we mention some of the most common papers you will write:

  • Academic Essay. This is by far the most common paper you will write in college. Learning to write a strong essay is one of the key skills you will need during your studies. Essays are short papers and require analytical writing. To write an essay, first, you have to read and follow the instructions given by your professor. Research your topic. Be very critical of the sources you use. Avoid sources with a dubious reputation or questionable validity like Wikipedia. Instead, go to your college library and read some specialized books and journals. Write your essay in a clear and well-organized manner. You have to support your claims and arguments with solid evidence. Hence, include references and examples as needed. Use the reference format that was required in the instructions. When you produce the first draft of your essay, refine it by checking and editing the entire text.
  • Argument Paper. This is similar to an essay but of a longer extension. First, you have to write a thesis statement. This has to be stated clearly and concisely in one sentence. The thesis statement provides the initial premise, position, or opinion you will support. Persuasively write the paper, providing the necessary references to support your claims. In the end, summarize your conclusions in light of the evidence you presented.
  • Expository paper. The idea behind an expository paper is similar to an argument paper. You have to write a thesis statement and support it with well-researched evidence and arguments. Do not express an opinion in the thesis statement, though. There is a typical format for this type of paper. Five paragraphs are generally required, organized as follows. Paragraph 1: Introduction, Paragraphs 2-4: Argument, and Paragraph 5: Conclusions.
  • Research Paper. This is generally a large paper describing the methodologies and results of the research you (or someone else) have conducted. The structure of a research paper consists of an introduction, review of related literature, analysis of data, discussion, and conclusions. First, you have to state a clear and well-focused thesis or research problem. Read all the relevant research previously done in the area. Summarize, analyze, and discuss the results presented in those sources. Finally, describe how the results in the sources address the research problem. State whether your thesis is proved or disproved.

Over time, you will refine your writing skills and be able to write these papers without using this guide.

Academic Writing Help for Critical Situations

Even if you become a skillful academic writer, unforeseen things may happen. Prolonged illness, an accident, and other situations can prevent you from writing your essay or other paper. In such cases, you need help to write your assignments.

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Now, you are ready for any situation in your academic life. Improving skills is always good, but do not exceed with tasks, sometimes, help is needed. So, whatever paper you need to write, check our guide, research the needed information on the web and handle it in the best way.