Wallpapers have a rich history that dates back to as old as the 1400’s when panelling & tapestries as formed the frontline of inner decor. Originally, wallpapers were considered as an object of background and not a foreground element, unlike French decorations of the 19th century, where wallpapers played a significant role in interior designing. Fast forward to 2019, designer wallpapers have made a strong comeback to help and influence the scene of inner decor all the way. Here’s a look into five ways how wallpapers can transform your living space. Read on to find out how.

Governing the style quotient

There is no denying the fact how a wall colour transforms the very mood of a room, Having said that a wallpaper further seeks to elevate the same, without having to try too hard. Visually speaking, it’s a step towards a distinctive style for each pattern and prints, put together. Take damask print for instance, which readily fits a traditional bedroom whereas a honeycomb print can never go wrong for a dining room that exhibits a contemporary architecture. A wallpaper that boats the design of dense forest as a mural print can act as a great companion for a structure where the covering of the wall is on an expand note. This is quite common in a 2 and 3 BHK apartment where the area is much less compared to a traditional living room. Whether you prefer a subtle or a bold pattern, wallpapers are sure to make your living spaces stand out. If you are choosing for a private place in your house, like your bedrooms, ensure to choose subtle hues to offer striking chemistry with your furniture and any other objects of admiration. That way, you will not only stay deter from blowing away the natural beauty of your bedroom but also significantly contribute towards adding the much talked about vibrant vigour, that people are after.

For that dramatic touch

Expensive chandeliers and designer lighting do add an edge to enhance the design of a living room. However, one doesn’t have to burn his pockets heavy. Instead, one can choose to invest much less in high-quality wallpaper that carries a marble print pattern or forest motifs coupled with gold splashes which are really dandy and readily work to uplift the mood of a living area. Prefer something exquisite? Go for vintage and classic ranges which can bring about a luxurious charm across your home. Speaking of classics Victorian and Baroque motifs in wallpapers can often match your bedroom furniture in grand opulence.

Expanded potential

With wallpapers, one doesn’t have to restrict themselves to covering walls alone. Let’s not go forgetting that with wallpapers, one also has the option to cover closet doors to impart them a standout look. Or you might as choose similar patterns like the wall if you are match freak. Metallic range of colours are a good choice for covering door panels and sliding doors in your living space and are quite in demand this season. Here’s a little tip. Try and have a little play with the aesthetics when selecting wallpapers for your 2 BHK apartment. A good way to make an impact is to mix and match two or more than two different wallpapers, both in colour as well as pattern. On can also put two completely different looking wallpapers across adjacent walls and energise the very vibe of your bedroom or any other living space. Vivid and loud colours for wallpaper coupled with psychedelic patterns have stood the test of time to offer a resplendent outlook for one and all living spaces.

A touch of nature

Bygone are the days when adding a touch of nature to your surroundings meant placing a fig leaf tree in the corner. While such an option still stands ground, wallpapers are a great way to cast in such a vibe easily. Floral motifs, forest mural patterns can readily evoke the spirit of spring or autumn to your living spaces. If you have a home office, verdant fern wallpaper can add to the calm and compose that one generally seeks. Seascape wallpapers, on the other hand, can work to add some great movement for space all around.

Can’t go wrong with accents

When looking to enhance the overall design of a living room, accent walls are among top-notch choices for one and all interior decorators. While that is true, one might as well go a step further in layering it up with another prominent colour or pattern. No matter what your wall design is, textured wallpaper can match it head to head without looking clumsy. For bold hearts out there, have you considered layering the fifth wall yet? That’s right. The ceiling is the fifth wall that seldom gets the attention that it craves for. While a majority of designers are bent on working on the walls and surrounding living spaces, you can go ahead wallpapering the fifth wall which by all means will transform the entire look and feel of the inner space.

A piece of art? Definitely!

Many fail to understand, the crux of interior decoration lay in simplicity and not adding too much to the wall. Any piece of design on or off the wall is itself a work of art. Whether one chooses to cover the wall or hand framed pieces, decorative beauty goes a long way in just hanging silk curtains across the hallway. Paintable wallpaper with little to moderate textures can help to customize your wall in an unthinkable way, to infuse a new life to your inner spaces. These days, one can choose from a wide plethora of wallpapers that are inspired by artworks of professional artists. Such wallpapers are a great way to offer an alternate spell and stand adrift from what other would choose for their interiors. Mesmerising brushstrokes, quirky colour patches, impressionistic colour finishes exhibit a charm that is true and original to their own league.