15 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Starting the Dissertation

Writing a dissertation has got to be the most challenging academic endeavor you have to undertake. Many students who’ve completed their course work get stuck when they get to writing their dissertation. That is why you need to plan and be shrewd about it.

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There is no secret that dissertations are intimidating and time-consuming. It is unlike anything you’ve done before, and since it’s an independent project, you can easily fail.

Here is a comprehensive guide that’ll help you complete your dissertation on time.

1. Go with a Topic you’re Truly Interested in

Since dissertations are time-consuming projects, choose a topic that you’re truly interested in. If you’re going to spend all that time tackling an independent project, you might as well choose something you love.

If you choose a complex topic you’re not passionate about, you’re likely to lose interest days into the project. Remember that you cannot graduate without submitting a completed thesis.

2. Don’t Begin With the Introduction

As you proceed, you’ll realize that you need to tweak your introduction. Instead of editing your introduction after every chapter, make it the last thing you write.

Besides, you’re bound to introduce concepts as you proceed with your research. Writing the introduction last ensures that you include everything you’ve discussed in the paper.

3. Don’t put too Much Pressure on Yourself

Dissertations are big projects, but stressing yourself about it does not reduce the workload. Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself, plan your time effectively, and have a timeline to work with.

Reward yourself after working a specific number of hours to boost your motivation. When you set milestones, moving to the next chapter of the projects is exciting. Tracking your progress reassures you that you’ll complete the dissertation on time.

4. Invest in another Monitor

Working on your laptop can be frustrating because you have to go back and forth between the browser and your document. Consider investing in a cheap monitor to make the copy and paste process a breeze. You can read while you write without having to move back and forth between different applications.

5. Back-Up Your Project

Nothing is as frustrating as losing a document you worked hard on. Have multiple back-ups for your document and update the progress on each copy. This way, if you lose the main copy, you can easily pick up from where you left.

6. Have a Third-Party Proof Read Your Work

It’s always advisable to have a third party proofread your work. This does not mean you should not go through the work yourself. Once you’ve gone through it, have another set of eyes look at it in case there are errors you left uncorrected.

7. Don’t Print until you’re Sure You’re Done Editing the Soft Copy

Since dissertations are big projects, printing will cost you a significant amount of money. That is why you should give yourself time before you have to print your document. Printing the dissertation only to find out there’s a chapter you need to rectify can be quite frustrating.

8. Set Your Deadline around the Same Time as a Significant Event

Setting your draft deadline to fall around the same time as a significant event motivates you to finish writing on time. Consider using the exam dates as your guideline. This way, you can set the dissertation aside and fully focus on studying for your exams.

9. Have a Timetable

Drawing up a time table might seem like a trivial practice, but it will keep you on your toes. The same goes with setting alarms. You need to manage the time you have to ensure the dissertation doesn’t take up your entire day. It’s not easy to have anything done on time if you don’t have a time table to guide you.

10. Have a Notebook Everywhere

When you’re working on your dissertation, you have to jot down everything that comes to mind. Every idea that occurs to you can be used to make your dissertation unique and original. Even if it seems unimportant, put it down anyway and go through your ideas at the end of the day.

11. Reference as you go along

This is a very important tip to remember. Referencing, as you go along, saves you from dealing with a huge backlog at the end of the project. You might forget to cite some references if you wait till you complete the dissertation to include them.

12. Have an Outline to Work With

Working with an outline ensures you don’t have to restructure your dissertation once you’re done. An outline also helps you put your thoughts in order.

13. Set Realistic Writing Goals

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be realistic about your targets. After all, you understand your writing speed and how much you can achieve in a day. Setting realistic goals ensures you don’t beat yourself down for something you don’t have the capacity to achieve.

14. Work With Your Supervisor

Always reach out to your supervisor each time you’re stuck. Remember they’re assigned to you to help you through the dissertation.

15. Use Online Resources

Use Google Scholar to search the internet for journals and other resources you can use for research.


Dissertations are overwhelming and time-consuming, but with the right plan in place, you can submit your paper on time. Ensure you accord your thesis the seriousness it deserves.